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Information Announcement About Environmental Monitoring Results of HAAM

HAAM entrusted the third party (Anhui Xinke Testing Co., Ltd.) to test the VOCs of the painting line in the assembly line. The testing result shows the exhaust gas has achieved the discharge standard.

HAAM Won The Title of ‘TOP TEN INDUSTRIES’IN Baohe District

Abstract: Presently, leaders from the government of Baohe District visited our company and awarded HAAM the medal of ‘Top Ten Industries ’in Baohe District. Mr.Tang Ziyu ,on behalf of HAAM, received t

Ministry denies recent new energy subsidies do not put one hundred billion

Abstract:And had been postponed, finally in April, "abortion" in the automotive industry, "second Five Year Plan", as before, from the national ministries and stakeholders is said, "energy-saving and

Consumers Association called for an increase in car complaints increase to mention trucks have to contain

Abstract:China Consumers' Association complaint statistics released yesterday in the first half, the first half of this year, car complaints reached 8235, increased 32.4% over last year, a record high

China's auto market into the third period of adjustment the rapid rise in luxury car share

Abstract:Beijing auto market is often ahead of the national market, it usually reflects the phenomenon reflects the near future trend of China's auto market. Luxury cars this year, the trend of high g

2011 Bridge in Hefei U.S. automobile transmission and chassis Systems Supplier Conference

2011 Bridge in Hefei U.S. automobile transmission and chassis Systems Supplier Conference

Policy of its own brand again Qi Cheng pressure facing extinction crisis

Abstract:In the past two years, a number of stimulus catalyst, the domestic brand car prices ushered in the revelry, but with a few bad policy after the shock, they fall into a full position. China's
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