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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

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Lean manufacturing is a business performance improvement tool that focuses on enhancing quality, cost, delivery and people. Lean concepts exposes waste and make continuous improvement possible. One example among our lean manufacturing concepts is the pull system, a “supermarket” approach where components are staged and ready for assembly operations. The pull system improves efficiency, accelerates productivity and helps maintain on-time delivery. Another lean concept example in the category of continuous improvement is our Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) program. A highly capable and sophisticated measuring tool, OEE is designed to ensure maximum equipment uptime, high product quality and uninterrupted product flow. An additional benefit for AAM customers: 100% on-time deliveries, every time.

(1) According to AAM standards, lead lean, tooling & maintenance assessment systems, to implement systematic leanactivity, which including assessing lean manufacturing condition, carrying out & forwarding action plan, and so on.

(2)Set up OEE Kanban in all manufacturing lines, recording and collecting production information, to analyze, improve,check, solidify for OEE improvement.

(3)Designing job instruction & standardized work charts, implementing standardized motion analysis, optimizing layout& labor scrolls, improve capacity utilization rate & line balance rate.

(4)Through analyzing current VSM, find improvement place, design action plan and implement to achieve idea VSM.

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