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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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We Respect Talent

Everyone desires to be respected, and expects his or her value to be admitted. Our management core lies in that as long as our employees create value for customers, Meiqiao will recognize his or her value. A talent needs to be respected by an enterprise. We deeply understand the thorny growth path and great ambition of talent; we respect knowledge, and we respect talent more who create wealth with what they has learned for the enterprise, country and society so as to realize their own value; we value talent, and we value the environment more where the potential of talent can be given into full play.

We Train Talent

We can provide a superior development platform for the growth of talent: we offer opportunities to outstanding talent for self-expression. Our corporate vision lies in that all talent should grow in a brilliant cause; what’s more, we have the greatest wealth—corporate culture created by the President, which keeps our youthful fervor alive forever like the soul, and our knowledge and ideal progressive like the fertile soil.

We Create Talent

How to constantly improve your own quality and be a talent forever? You must have your own ideal and objectives. Without a firm objective, you may hesitate or waiver in the process of improving your own quality and meeting self-challenge. Each staff member has his or her own dream, but the dream must be integrated with our grand objective of building “Meiqiao” into a world famous brand. Not for the best, but for the better. If you join us, our outstanding team will be better. We are looking forward to working together with you for common development.

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