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Stamping Engineer Discussed personally
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  • Anhui Province||Hefei City||Baohe District
  • 1-3 years
  • Junior high school
  • Full time
  • 1
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Job Requirements & Description:

1. Discuss about and evaluate the design and trial-production programs on new products;

2. Formulate process and technology file catalog on new products, and ensure the correctness, completeness and consistency of information;

3. Formulate process and technology documents, examine technological equipment, and ensure that the quality of process documents and tooling drawings fulfill national standards and corporate technical standards. Responsible for the structure, performance, economy and manufacturability of tooling, and the correctness of major parameters.

4. Responsible for technological innovation and summarizing new technologies, guiding the team/group to implement the production process, conducting process certification and researches.

5. Improve design efficiency, reduce production cost, solve technical problems in design and trial production, and place documents on file;

6. Grasp the development trends of internationally advanced process and tooling technology, apply and promote new process, new technologies and new materials to improve product quality;

7. Constantly improve business capability and carry out “teach, help, guide” activities to train talent;

8. Conduct horizontal communication with relevant departments in line with the relevant procedures, technical guidance and service for relevant business units, and accept the supervision of superiors and authorities;

9. Participate in the improvement of the quality of stamping parts;

10. Responsible for the planning and implementation of the process of new product projects;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by the superiors.

Responsible for stamping process formulating, certification and management, tooling and checking fixture design, and quality improvement of stamping parts, Machinery, Automobile or related majors, more than 3 years of work experience, solid theoretical foundation on machinery or automobile, rich practical experience, proficient in office software like AutoCAD, PDM, CAPP, Office, etc.

nfrastructure Engineer:Job requirements and description:Responsible for the planning and implementation of infrastructure (water, electric, gas) and power facilities for company plants, the installation and verification of infrastructure for new equipment, the engineering content of technological transformation projects, and plant construction.

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