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Hefei AAM Automotive Driveline& Chassis System Co., Ltd

Hefei AAM Automotive Driveline& Chassis System Co., Ltd is a joint venture established between Hefei Automobile Axle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of JAC, and AAM, the largest light axle manufacturer in the world. Hefei AAM is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing front steering axles, rear drive axles and passenger car suspensions. The company covers the building area of 95,000 square meters and has over 1300 employees. The production capacity include 400,000 units of commercial vehicle axles,120,000 units of passenger vehicle beam axles, 120,000 passenger car suspensions ,and 20,000 units PTUs and IRDAs for 4WD SUVs.

The commercial vehicle axle production site is located in Jianghuai Heavy Industrial park (Address: No. 9 Shanghai Road). It covers the building area of 7,8000 square meters and has over 1100 employees. It consists of four manufacturing plants with 41 flexible production lines. The four plants are assembly plant, machining plant, stamping&welding plant and gear plant. The current production capacity is 400,000 units of commercial vehicle axles .


The passenger car axle production site is located in Hefei state-level Economic and Technological Development Zone (Address: 62 Shixin Road). It covers the building area of 1,7000square meters and has over 260 employees. It consists of 17 flexible production lines with capacity of 120,000 MPV/SUV beam axles, 120,000 passenger car suspensions and 20,000 PTUs and IRDAs for 4WD SUVs.


Technology is always the core of our business. HAAM have been focused on developing local design and development capability through training and introduction of AAM’s advanced technology. The company has successfully developed a full range of axle products up to 13 Ton Axle load. The entire product portfolio consisting of 10series , more than 200 types,including HF11811 series,HF12010 series,HF13014series,HF15015&16016 series,HF17030series,HF18045 series,G1510series,M209series,passenger car series and SRV series, which can be extensively applied to 1 -13 ton payload trucks, 4 -10 meter buses, chassis and passenger vehicles. To date, HAAM have been awarded 26state level technology patents


HAAM is dedicated to design, development and validation of driveline and suspension products. Our technical center is a certified state level technical center with state-of-the-art equipment, such as static torsion tester,rear axle assembly gear fatigue tester and torsional fatigue tester. We apply industry standard softwares including INTECAD、、UG, CAPP ,and CAE finite element analysis software. More importantly, we have a very experienced and professional engineering team with over 110 engineers and technicians led by both domestic and global driveline experts.


Our company is committed to new technology and manufacturing of core components. The high power density axle is a key product jointly developed together with our foreign joint venture partner. Its optimized NVH and high torque capacity, high transmission efficiency and high loading capacity has brought HAAM’s products to a much higher technical and quality level. Therefore, it has been successfully listed in the ‘The Catalogue of Foreign-Invested Advantage Industries in the Central and Western Area’ of National Development and Reform Commission

HAAM introduced the advanced gear manufacturing technology from AAM and launched production in May 2013. The state –of– the –art AAM gear manufacturing technology includes 2 cut dry cutting process, shotpeening and automatic quenching, which results in 15-20% improvement in power density. The HAAM gears will have 3 to 4 times of life than ordinary gears under the same torque, which ultimately improve the competitive advantage of our axle products.

By absorbing international advanced management experience and continuous improvement on technology &management innovation, we have achieved excellent results in system capability and brand building.

We have obtained TS 16949 certification, ISO14001certification and the national secondary level enterprise of safety production standardization certification.


Technology creates value and quality wins the future

In terms of branding, HAAM has been awarded “China High Quality Product”; “ Excellent Independent Brand” and “Provincial Brand-name Product”, etc.

HAAM has also gained recognition from industry associations and governments, including Special Contribution Award in 2011”,many rounds of “Top 10 Automotive Chassis Supplier”, “ Quality Award of Anhui Province”, “China Top 100 Excellent Supplier Award” ,“Excellent Supplier Award ”and “2012 National Excellent Foreign Invested Enterprise Award”

Presently, we are national high and new technology enterprise, provincial eco-innovation pilot unit and provincial information & industrialization integration demonstration enterprise.

HAAM continues to integrate the advanced Chinese and western corporate culture and management concept and to keep ‘Strive to be the best customer-valued and internationally prominent automotive driveline 



Hefei AAM Automotive Driveline& Chassis System Co., Ltd

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